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Car Museum Club: Gentlemen Driver’s paradise

For a car enthusiast, a visit to the Vence Car Museum Club is a magical and unforgettable moment. Imagine a preserved place, located a stone’s throw from the Maeght foundation, nestled among olive trees and which brings together some of the most beautiful cars in the world …

The building that houses the CMC is the former Musée d’Art Moderne Rétif. The concrete, the wood and the noble materials which constitute it seem to echo the shining chrome and the alloys of cast iron and aluminum which animate the valiant hearts of the automobile icons which it shelters.

The Car Museum Club fits perfectly into this idyllic setting, where everything is beauty, luxury, calm and pleasure. This is a true paradise for car enthusiasts that we are at Uncovers.

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As we arrive towards the entrance of this incredible place, we gradually forget the recent tests of electric vehicles that we have carried out. As we cross the threshold of the CMC, guided by Thierry Froget, one of the founding partners with MM Pierre-Guy Morani and Gilles Ciamin (Nicolas’s father … a rally driver to follow closely), we feel a special atmosphere. Everything contributes to immerse us in a club atmosphere. If the English club spirit is present, we are more here in a Mediterranean atmosphere. Vintage posters cover the walls and among the objects presented, we soon discover one of Mickaël Schumacher’s racing helmets or a poster signed by Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna, Jacques Laffite, Keke Rosberg, Jean-Pierre Jabouille and Ricardo Patrese .

The tone is set, we are in the lair of the race or at least the race of a certain blessed time …

A particular and characteristic smell welcomes us, a mixture of leather and gasoline, typical of vintage cars, indeed embalms the atmosphere.

Far from being pleasant, it helps to immerse us even more in the atmosphere. We soon see a Mercedes Pagode 280 SL, surrounded by shiny pre-war Rolls-Royces, an Aston Martin DB6 and a Jaguar type E roadster 1st series.

Thierry Forget, joined by Olivier (the caretaker), then gives us the pleasure of a completely exceptional private visit. The Club House is adorned with rare items linked to the world of motor racing, Jacky Ickx’s Bell helmet from the 24 Hours of Le Mans, throne in a corner of the room.

Obliged to professional secrecy, unfortunately we cannot cite or reveal the rarest and most exceptional cars of the CMC, but be aware that we are on cars of absolute rarity, some of which have race records.

On the second level of the site, we also admire a sublime and legendary Mercedes 300 SL Roadster (W198), a Lamborghini Miura, a Countach Periscopio and a wonderful 400 GT, the very first Lamborghini .

Car Muséum Club Vence

The services offered by the Car Museum Club

Since the end of 2018, the CMC has offered owners of vintage or exceptional vehicles the following services:

High-tech cleaning
Help with administrative formalities
24/7 assistance
Automotive events (track days, walk rallies etc.)

The vehicles are thus kept permanently ready for driving, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Fluids and pressures are controlled, as well as the batteries of course. Special services are also dedicated to club members, such as transfers from Nice or Cannes-Mandelieu airports, and the provision of relaxation or meeting spaces.

The Car Museum Club offers all the services of a very high level car concierge service, for prices that seem quite reasonable to us in view of the services offered.

Prices start from € 290 / month, and allow access to a fully privatized building of 1600 m2, located in the heart of a magnificent wooded park of 8000 m2.

The CMC partners are also of an exceptional level, since they are indeed Facom for the tooling part and ProTech® for the cleaning part.

We were really delighted with the visit to the CMC. The welcome from Thierry and Olivier was quite remarkable, their encyclopedic knowledge and the passion with which they talk about their profession touched us, not to mention their great friendliness.

We recommend that all collectors on the Riviera looking for a top-of-the-range car security and concierge service, contact the Car Museum Club.

In conclusion

You will understand, we are absolutely fans of the CMC! The place remains imbued with the spirit of the old Museum of Modern Art that it was. Two superb giraffes thus dominate the esplanade and seem to have a benevolent and protective gaze on the automotive treasures housed in the Car Museum Club, surrounded by magnificent beds of lavender flowers.

Car Museum Club

Remerciements à l’équipe du Car Museum Club

We would like to thank the entire CMC team, in particular Olivier for his availability and Thierry, for the confidence he has shown us.

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1670 avenue Rhin et Danube, 06140 Vence, FRANCE
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