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Alpine A110 Légende: the return of an icon

Founded in 1955 by Jean Rédelé, the Dieppe brand Alpine has always known how to combine performance and the spirit of craftsmanship. From the start, its founder surrounded himself with passionate collaborators who were able, sometimes with a crying lack of resources, to express the best of themselves. Everyone’s efforts were devoted to the brand and it is thanks to their commitment and their extraordinary inventiveness that Alpine has been able to rise to the highest level.

The A110 berlinetta remains an undeniable myth, in the pantheon of many automobile enthusiasts. Each version thus has its aficionados. Some swear by the small A108, and its desirable convertible version, while for others, the A110 is the most intoxicating. Finally, let’s not forget the many lovers of more recent versions, such as the A310 or the A610.

We had the chance to drive the original berlinetta (in a classic road version, unprepared, with the 1300cc Gordini engine, as well as the A610 with the much-maligned and yet so pleasant V6 PRV). What good memories! We were also very touched when Renault asked us to take the wheel of the new Alpine A110 Légende.

Discover the video clip of the test produced by Mickaël, our Parisian teammate.

It’s a 4-cylinder turbocharged engine, placed in the rear center position, that makes the heart of the A110 Legend beat. Its modest displacement of 1,800 cc has been exploited to the maximum by Alpine engineers. Its sporty sound signature adds an element of emotion and recalls the heyday of the original Berlinette.

The car develops 252 hp, has a torque of 320 Nm and cuts down from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.5 seconds.

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The driver’s interview: Mickaël tells us about his test of the Alpine A110 Legend

Any passionate car enthusiast like me would measure his chance to drive a model of the legendary Alpine brand at least once in his life. More than that, and the Renault / Alpine press service allowed me to own the Alpine A110 Légende for a whole day. Realize!

Essai Alpine Légende Uncovers

It was love at first sight of its sleek body dressed in thunder gray.
So much so that before entering its cabin, I took the time to admire this revisited berlinetta.
All its details, its Alpine logos, up to the tricolor flags on the flanks recall French charm and elegance.

jantes Alpine A110 Legende

Once inside, after a fairly sporty entry, due to its lowered body, sitting in a brown leather seat with stitching, halfway between sport and comfort, what strikes me is that all the on-board instruments are within easy reach, as well as very practical storage spaces such as the one for sliding the ignition key.

It’s hard not to be caught by this orange “Start” button.

Once engaged, it is the awakening of the senses: the symphony of the engine, the measuring instruments, the thick leather of the steering wheel. Everything is there !

Alpine A110 Legende

The grip of this jewel is done very naturally and driving with its 7-speed automatic transmission is very easy despite the apprehension that some might have of a propulsion.

Once the GPS has been programmed via a very intuitive touch screen, head to the Golf de Saint-Nom-la-Bretèche to join the rest of the By The Eye Prod team for the video shoot.

After a few kilometers, the paddles and the orange “Sport” button on the steering wheel beg me to use them.

Click and it’s the “Wow” effect!

Like a genius coming out of his lamp, we enter another dimension with a specific sport visual of board instruments that appear at the same time as an even more assertive symphony.

Clinging to the steering wheel, we measure all the work done by engineers, in particular to have the best possible visibility when the meters
take turns.

Operated by the steering wheel paddles, the gears are even shorter and we really feel the power of the 252 horsepower of the mid-mounted engine.
behind our back.

Arrived at our destination, we start shooting the beauty from every angle.

A110 Legende Alpine Uncovers

It was a very convivial moment and I cannot count the number of times golfers have challenged us, intrigued by this atypical model.

Several purchase orders could probably have been signed on the spot!

Direction then towards the country roads to make roar the engine and to film of the sky with a drone.
Placed on the ground, we were able to measure the impeccable behavior of the beauty on winding roads at sustained speed.
Seen from above, this Alpine is really classy!

You can imagine the heartbreak I felt as I brought the beauty home at the end of the day …

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