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McLaren 620R: the road version of the GT4

The Uncovers team was fortunate to be invited to the day of presentation of the first homologated road version of the McLaren GT4 racing.

Racy, the McLaren 620R, like a thoroughbred, seems ready to set off.

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Nestled in the showroom of the official retailer of McLaren in Monaco, the beautiful appears in a racing livery of the most beautiful effect.
Many onlookers stop to admire it. She’s the one who captures the attention. Strangely, the first glance doesn’t pay him perfect homage. We focus our attention on the rear wing, which is imposing without being spectacular, and the Alcantara interior which is imperceptibly revealed to us.

The tires, impressive, are Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R specially designed for McLaren. They are also stamped with the name of the brand.

Everywhere on the model, the racing heritage shines through. The hypercar was born under the lucky stars of the competition.
The first excitement passed, many details then capture our attention. The flared line of the windshield, the slender pillars … the car is absolutely not picked up. Not at all intimidating, on the contrary, it seems to invite you to take the wheel.

The indicators, perfectly integrated into the sporty line of the car and blended into the racing stickers, underline the quality of finish of the McLaren 620R. The 350 examples of this model will also be manufactured, assembled and painted by hand at the factory in Woking, UK.

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The McLaren 620R interior: sporty, without being extreme
Perfectly oriented for optimum driver comfort, it is behind the wheel of the McLaren 620R that we find all the DNA of the brand. It should be noted that the brand founded by Bruce McLaren raced for the first time in Formula 1 at the 1966 Monaco Grand Prix. So it’s with some emotion that 54 years later, we sit in the cockpit of the McLaren 620R.

The first feeling seems common, yet it is very rare in a car of this category: you instantly feel at ease behind the wheel. The driving position is ideal, the wide windshield and the thin uprights allow you to perfectly distinguish the road and the points of the wheels.

Christophe Capion (Sales Executive McLaren Monaco), take the time to walk us through every detail of the automobile. Very quickly, we let ourselves be carried away by the passion with which he speaks of “his” brand. Customer anecdotes punctuate its technical details.

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Installation in the passenger compartment requires a certain flexibility, but remains accessible to all. The headroom is high enough (it is necessary to be able to accommodate a helmet after all). You immediately feel at ease in the living area. Everything makes sense (and at hand).

The controls are perfectly accessible, the bucket seats (a free option) are comfortable: they provide ideal support, but without encumbering the body. Very quickly, the ideal driving position is found. The car appears to have been designed around the driver. It was the search for the ideal position that set the design guidelines for the McLaren 620R.

Small useful reminder: the car develops a power of 620 hp and a demonic torque of 620 Nm … it is better to be perfectly installed to master the beast!

Fortunately for the more adventurous, the McLaren can forgive many mistakes thanks to its aerodynamic downforce of 185 kg at 250 km / h.
The 620R is the Sport Series model that achieves the best performance and fastest lap time! Clearly this is an exceptional car, cut for the road and speed, rather than for mixed or urban use. No offense to the grumpy, McLaren doesn’t just build race cars.

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Fiche technique

  • Frame and aerodynamic components identical to the 570S GT4

  • Carbon-ceramic brakes, central locking wheels and sports exhaust

  • Lowered suspensions with widened tracks

  • Manually adjustable GT4 shocks

  • Customizable body

  • Weight: 1282 kg (excluding fluids)

  • GT4 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 engine

  • 7-speed SSG gearbox

  • Telemetry (optional)

  • 0 – 100 km/h : 2.9 seconds

  • 0 – 200 km/h : 8,1 seconds

  • Maximum speed: 322 km/h

McLaren brand

McLaren was founded in 2010. Coming from Formula 1 and the realm of racing, the brand infuses motorsport values ​​everywhere. The pursuit of performance, lightness, efficiency and permanent technological innovation: this could sum up the brand’s values ​​in a few words.

Our opinion on the McLaren 620R

The McLaren 620R is an exceptional hypercar. A racing car, in which every object, every accessory, has been designed for a single purpose: efficiency in the service of the driver. The McLaren 620R comes from the brains of brilliant engineers, who know how to take into account the opinions and comments of customers. This is a car made by passionate employees, for pilots and discerning enthusiasts.

No fuss, no ease with the 620R: everything contributes to achieving the best possible performance and the greatest efficiency on the track.

Moreover, when we get behind the wheel, a thought for the illustrious drivers of the brand touches us.

Ayrton Senna McLaren
Photo : Instituto Ayrton Senna

How not to think of Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost, Mikka Häkkinen or even Michaël Schumacher and so many others? How can we not think of Formula 1, at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, when Bruce McLaren was still a “simple” driver?

McLaren cars are wild horses, barely tamed. Take their wheel transports instantly. It is no longer the reason, but the heart that speaks.

McLaren in few words?

Passionate cars, built by other enthusiasts. Especially the 620R. You may come across this car in town. If so, take the opportunity to admire it closely. Don’t stop at its one line. Observe all the details. If you are lucky enough to meet her on a circuit, take a close look in your rear-view mirror… she will undoubtedly soon overtake you!

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Thanks to the McLaren Monaco team

We would particularly like to thank Christophe Capion (Sales Executive McLaren Monaco), for the passion with which he presented this exceptional hypercar to us. His automotive culture, his knowledge of the exceptional car market and his availability allowed us to address all the many questions that such a visit entailed.

A word also to thank Manon Duraffourd and Federica Bruno from the press and marketing services, for making this meeting possible and for the relevant information they shared with us.

Concession McLaren Monaco
7. av Princesse Grace +377 93 25 69 99

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